• With the industry's most agile and scalable online shopping platform, Rosie enables an eCommerce strategy that drives growth.

  • eCommerce Designed to Increase Your Profitability

    Seamless Integrations

    Get the online store you want, when you want it. Go live quickly and easily.

    • Access to our database of 2MM+ product images.
    • Personal integration specialists guide you through the setup of your online store.
    • Benefit from Rosie’s many POS partnerships for a quick launch.

    Data Analytics

    Better understand how to serve customers online and in-store.

    • Unlimited access to P&L tools with our Rosie Profitability Scorecard.
    • Actionable insights driven by real-time transactional data. 
    • Consultations with eCommerce experts to implement data driven operational solutions. 

    Order Fulfillment

    Proven strategies and tools to make order fulfillment simple.

    • Shopper communication tools create unmatched customer satisfaction.
    • Reduce labor cost by 30% using tested order fulfillment equipment.
    • Use aisle locations and pick time reporting help to optimize picking efficiency.

    User-friendly Interface

    Thoughtful design makes eCommerce easy.

    • Retailer interface designed for simplicity and intuitiveness.
    • Customers can shop anywhere with iOS, Android, and mobile responsive web access.
    • Predictive search, custom browsing, and product recommendations create a personalized experience for each shopper.
    • ADA compliant user interface.


    Available everyday from a team you trust.

    • 7-day a week US-based phone and email support for both retailers and shoppers.
    • Unlimited access to Rosie Help Center for best practices and training materials.
    • Coaching from industry experts to meet and exceed your goals.

    Omni-Channel Experience

    Create a harmonious transition from in-store to online.

    • Integrate with your loyalty, weekly ads, and digital coupons. 
    • Customize the look, feel, and functionality of your online store.

    Delivery Logistics

    Effectively manage your local delivery operations.

    • Self-operate or outsource delivery logistics for best-in-class service to rural, suburban, and urban markets.

    • Complete delivery logistics including address validation, route optimization, and driver-to-customer communications.

    Shopper Marketing

    Connecting the world’s best brands and trusted local retailers to better understand and influence shopper behavior.

    • Retailer private label products are promoted to category captains.
    • Vendor pays to initiate digital campaigns:
      1. Items are promoted in search and browse for campaign duration.
      2. Rosie measures views, clicks, conversions, demographic data, and sales lift.
      3.  Results are posted via Rosie Data Analytics.
  • Customers

    Our customers make up the core of what we do and why we do it. Take it from real users of Rosie on how we deliver delight.

    "The reason we chose Rosie is they really have the desire to be the best. We felt they are ahead of the curve."

     Mark Mahoney
    EVP, Dash's Market

    Buffalo, NY

    "We're very pleased that our online shopping program is drawing new customers to our stores, giving us an expanded footprint in a competitive market."

    Scott Zahrn
    Sales Manager, Broulim's


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