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Broulim's wins 2 NGA Marketing Awards

"Hear from Customers Like You" produced by Rosie Marketing Services

The National Grocers Association (NGA) announced the recipients of 10 marketing and 10 merchandising awards on Tuesday, February 14th at The NGA Show. Broulim's Fresh Foods of Rigby, Idaho was selected as the recipient of Category 1: Connections Through Social Media and Digital Marketing in the 1-15 store group for their campaign "Broulim's Video Campaign: Hear from Customers Like You, Broulim's Fresh Foods".

In an onstage interview between emcee Michael Sansolo and Scott Zahrn, sales manager at Broulim's the audience learned a bit more about the program.

Michael Sansolo: “Same thing to Broulim’s cause your a small company and yet you came out with a really creative, but fairly low-cost way to get your message out there didn’t you.”

S. Zahrn: “Yes we did. We partnered with our eCommerce partner Rosie and brought a production crew out, contacted some of our guests that have been using the service, online delivery service, as asked them if they’d like to talk about their experience and I think it was so important that we just drove home the personal touch and the extension of our brand that we can provide. You don’t have to come to the grocery store to get quality products, fresh products, and just a great personal touch and I think it really resonated with our guests.”

M. Sansolo: “Was it hard to talk those people into being in the video? Or did they just gravitate toward it.”

S. Zahrn: “You didn’t see all of them but there was four or five ladies that really love the service. They didn’t have any issue with talking about it and commenting on it and I think it was a real, it surprised me how many people were willing to share their experience with our service.”

M. Sansolo: “Social media is weird that way. People will talk about virtually everything. And you got it used for a great purpose.”

Following the presentation of Marketing categories, the NGA awarded the Outstanding Marketer of the Year to Broulim's for their campaign.

Team Rosie and Team Broulim's together with their two NGA Creative Choice Awards

For more details on implementing Rosie eCommerce and to learn more about Rosie's award winning marketing services platform, please contact Rosie business development at or 855-ROSIENOW (767-4366).

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