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eCommerce Profitability: Operational Strategy

The Rosie Operational Model Allows Retailers to Make a Big Impact

Case Study: 4-Store Chain

An independent retailer in a Northeast suburban market is using Rosie’s logistics efficiencies to serve a delivery market of 290,000 residents and offer in-store pickup at 4 locations, all with an active eCommerce team at just one store.

Rosie’s delivery logistics software allows the retailer to offer same-day delivery in 14 zip codes across 89 square miles. Rosie takes lead time into account for near and far zip codes when customers choose their delivery time, letting the retailer deliver orders quickly to nearby customers while ensuring there is enough time to fulfill further orders. Rosie's delivery software allows for range-based pricing and provides shortest path route plans for trip efficiency. Delivery is 82% of the retailer’s orders and is a key offering for their eCommerce program.

The retailer also uses Rosie’s Hub and Spoke Model to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. Rosie’s platform lets the retailer fulfill all orders at a central store and deliver click-and-collect (pick-up) orders to their other 3 stores, letting customers pick up their grocery orders in any of their 4 locations.

Rosie has recommended and implemented “hub and spoke” for many of its retailers because of the efficiencies it creates. The retailer saves on labor by needing to maintain only one eCommerce team; saves on product data maintenance as the availability of products from only one store needs to be reflected online; and saves on software fees as the Rosie fees are on a per-store basis. Additionally, the retailer is able to offer a wider selection of products to pickup customers shopping from the “spoke” locations because the central “hub” has more variety.

"We have seen great success with Rosie's Hub and Spoke Model. We have four stores; one hub location and 3 spoke locations. This model has allowed us to continue to increase order flow and become profitable in a very short period of time." - Operations Director at a four-store Rosie Retailer

For more details on working with the grocery industry’s number one eCommerce platform for supply chain logistics and profitability, please contact or call us today at 1-855-ROSIENOW (767-4366).

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