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eCommerce Profitability: Support Strategy

Rosie's Best in Class Support Team Stands Out From All Other Providers

Rosie provides the technology for online grocery shopping to retailers in over 22 states and hundreds of thousands of online grocery customers. The Rosie Team recognizes online grocery shopping differs greatly from in-store grocery shopping and when trying something new and different, questions arise. When our retailers or customers have questions, we direct them to our talented, hard-working Rosie Support Team. The Rosie in-house phone team saves Rosie retailer partners thousands of dollars a year in first line Q&A and support.

Labor is the most expensive part of offering eCommerce as an independent retailer. There is picking labor, delivery labor, and in-store Q&A labor. Most online shoppers order from the comfort of their home. When they have challenges with using the service they often want to talk to someone. Rosie has found a centralized customer support center is an enormous time and labor saver for retailers. Your customers are going to have questions when they order. They'll have questions every hour of the day and night. Nearly 50% of customer support requests come by a phone call. The other half are emailed to the support team. These customers expect quick and accurate answers. Rosie is able to provide those answers for all customers across the entire platform at a cost much lower than hiring full-time team members to answer the same questions.

The Support Team is available seven days a week by both telephone and email. If a retailer is having trouble using any of the retailer workbench of tools (for order fulfillment or product data management) they can call or send an email to support and expect same day response. Or, if a customer is having a hard time checking out, they can call the Support Team and be walked through the checkout process over the phone.

“We pride ourselves on offering expert customer service to our retailers and customers. We want our retail partners and customers who grocery shop online with Rosie to know our Support Team is here to help them with whatever they need. We work hard to ensure they have a delightful experience with each and every online grocery order.”

Haley Sammis, Head of Support

Rosie Applications, Inc.

The team’s mission to deliver delight is often recognized by customers.

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service,” said Katherine S. from Snyder, NY. “The quality and customer service is outstanding. Thank you!”

Katherine S. is one of many customers who enjoy saving time by grocery shopping online and having a team of talented individuals there to assist if needed while trying this new way of grocery shopping.

Over the past five years the support team has worked diligently to build out resources for retailers and customers to reference as needed. The Rosie Help Center is a digital resource with best practices to help our retail partners grow their service with the expertise of the Rosie Team. The Help Widget, located on the bottom right side of the customer site, is a tool to provide added support for customers when shopping online.

“Our goal and mission is to let our retailers and customers shopping online with Rosie know we are their partner,” said Sammis. “They can call or email us at any time and we will be sure to get back to them. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today so it’s incredibly important to continuously deliver delight.”

Meet the Rosie Support Team

For more details on working with the grocery industry’s number one eCommerce customer support team and how our team helps retailers maintain profitability, please contact or call us today at 1-855-ROSIENOW (767-4366).

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